Please call about current rates or if you have any questions about additional services offered.
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    At Riding Star Ranch, all of the horses are cared for by experienced staff who treat every horse as if they were their own. We take pride in our growing facility and in our horses, and we can tailor our boarding services to meet your specific needs.


     Riding Star Ranch is currently undergoing construction at our new location. Boarding is still available, but pasture board is the only option at this time.

     We are in the process of obtaining materials to build our horses the ideal barn for our program. If you or anyone you may know has access to materials and would be willing to donate anything, please call Dawn at the number below.

     Please call (941) 626-6787 with questions.
Pasture Board
Your horse(s) will spend all day and night in the pasture. They have access to multiple 1000 lbs. O & A Roundbales, fresh water, and a small pond.
     Your horse(s) can be fed grain upon request. Owner must purchase grain and any other special hay, and Ranch will feed the horse(s) according to owner's schedule.

     We have permanent and temporary pasture boarding options available. Please call Dawn at (941) 626-6787 with any questions.
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