We are known for
Riding Star Ranch
making perfect matches!

At Riding Star Ranch, we love our horses, but we love matching them with the perfect rider and finding them perfect homes even more!

Here are some successful matches we've made in the past.

Adopted by Kim Hayward of Englewood, FL
December 2010
"Atlas is an amazing horse! He let's my boys climb all over him and he doesn't even care! He loves going on trail rides and swimming in the creek bareback with the kids. He's been getting training and doing fantastic. I'm so proud of him and very thankful the girls at Riding Star Ranch helped us find him."

Adopted by Dexter Burt of Punta Gorda, FL
January 2011

Adopted by Marissa Schuler of Port Charlotte, FL
March 2011

Adopted by Ethan Burt of Punta Gorda, FL
May 2011


Adopted by Helene Poglitsch of Port Charlotte, FL
June 2011
"I absolutely love Scarlett. She was sent to me by angels Sherry Johnson and Dawn Schmertmann. She gives me something to look forward to every day. I ride her when my body permits and she just takes care of me as gentle as she can. She is my sweet little girl."


Far Rashara
Mary Beth Fox


Adopted by Renato of North Port, FL
December 2011